Everytime for shooting. You will have many problems.Also maybe you will have some experience. Try and err. Only this way can sucess to take a good photo for future.

Bad photos are no mystery! They are easy to avoid if you know how to. Use this fun and light hearted guide to learn
about common photo mistakes and how to avoid them. Then go out and have fun shooting great images

Do it now at http://dslr.nikon-asia.com/beginner2/main.html

Kim Ngan
Everyone, now can buy a digital camera for a cheap price. But if you want to take a good photo. Easy or not? Absolutely not . At least you must know about your camera setting first. After you should consider many many thing, like how to focus, how to zoom and positioning......etc.

Now, taking a great photo is no rocket science. Use the following highly interactive beginners' guide to learn why a DSLR is a better camera, how to handle it, how to use its basic features to take better photos quickly, without burning through your user manual!

Do it now at http://dslr.nikon-asia.com/beginner1/en/index.html

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