Everyone, if  want to buy a camera bag. What things you will consider? Price? Style? Size?Color? Maybe you will consider all of them.

First consider should be the Price. That means your budget. If you have the budget. You can choose the price just under that budget. For my experience. Don't buy a expensive camera bag for your first one. Because once you buy it and use it for several times. You will feel about this bag is good or not. If not good. I think you will not use it any more.

Second consider is what style you like at this moment.  You can't say "buy this one for all of day or all for time". What means? Because sometime you want to use Backpack. But sometime you want to use Shoulder bag. Up to your dressing and where to go. So that if you haven't any camera bag at the moment. You can choose any style for your first camera bag for frequently. If you have one or more than one camera bag. You should consider any style you haven't and then choose it.

Third consider is the size. According your equipment first. And then you should think about how many equipment you will take to outside for photography. For my experience, one body and 2 nos. of lens is enough for regularly. Sometime one body and one len is enough. Sometime maybe more than one body, 2 nos. of lens and Flash. So this point is similar the above of the second consider. No standard. But one thing, if you have one / more than one. Please choose the different size.

The last consider is color. This point is similar the second or third consider. No standard. That means up to you.

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Kim Ngan

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