At last several months, when I just want to setup my website for my business(design and supply my own brand name of Camera Bag and Children Backpack / Kid Backpack). I try to find out which way to let me pay cheap price for do this. And I want know about how to made my website with onlineshop(can pay by paypal), Blog, Forum and Gallery...etc. Good news I find out two or more for this. After I try it. Only can made me easy way for do this at this moment. I think maybe have any other way for do this but now, I just want the finish for my first website.

When I use I think good enough for me at the monent. I try it step by step. Sometime maybe have problems. But I looking the FAQ. I can find the answer how to fix my problems. Now, I will sharing my experience step by step.

1. Go to and sign up first.
2. Login your account. Add a new site. Type your website title and details first.
3. Choose a domain name( if you have yourself. use it. If not. use sub domain by first)
4. In Design menu, choose one of the best theme for your website background.
5. Setup the homepage. Go to the Pages menu, click add page. Type the homepage name.
6. Click Advanced Settings. Type the items: Title, Description and Meta keywords first. Then save settings(two time).
7. Select what thing you want to show on your site and choose the icon drag and drop to the page.
8. Other page can follow the above step to finished it.
9. If you want to made a Blog in my website. Go to the Pages menu, click add Blog. Same as the above step to completed it.
10. For Onlineshop setting. Add a new page first. Go to Revenue menu, choose the icon drag and drop to the page.
11. Upload the product image. Type description and price. First completed for your website.
12. Go to Settings menu. Click Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Type in Site Description and Meta Keywords
13. Click Google Analytics (under Footer Code). Sign up and login the account.
14. In the Analytics page, click +add new profile. Choose Add a Profile for a new domain.
15. Type in your url (example: and choose Time zone country. Click Continue.
16. Copy and Paste that code on your site ( Please paste to all of pages with the Footer Code row).
17. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Click Google Webmaster Tools (under Header Code).
18. Sign up and login the account. In Google Webmaster Tools page. Add your url(example: and Click Continue.
19. Copy the meta tag and paste it into your site (Please past to all of pages with Header Code row).
20. Go to Settings menu. Click Ecommerce Settings.
21. Choose Merchant Account by paypal. Type in your PayPal email account and choose your Currency.
22. Click Mobile Settings. and enable Mobile function. Then click Save.
23. After completed all of the above. Click Pubish (from the upper of right hand side ).
24. Finished your website.

P.s. Please check it on other brower. Use one window(For working window) of brower for revise the website and one window of brower for see the result. When you revised at your working window, click Pubish. and then go to the result window and reflash the page. Try and err.

Kim Ngan
12/9/2011 01:21:01 pm

A wonderful sharing! Thx!


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